Issue with Link Queries

Sean Cribbs seancribbs at
Wed Feb 17 12:52:18 EST 2010


While running your example, I've discovered a few bugs related to this 
that I'll be documenting.

1) returnbody=true when PUT/POSTing an object doesn't return the correct 
content-type (text/plain).
2) A "follow anything" link query doesn't work. Specifying a bucket or 
tag will return results, however.

For making your Ruby code simpler, here's a few tips.

1) You can convert an object directly into a link with a tag: 
new_one.to_link("parent") would work for your example.
2) Instead of crafting a map/reduce job for link-walking, just do 
new_to.walk, which takes any number of WalkSpecs (or parameters that can 
be converted into walkspecs):



On 2/17/10 12:19 PM, Lincoln Stoll wrote:
> I'm having some problems with link queries - either getting no
> results, or sometimes a 500 error
> Are there any known issues with them? I'm using 0.8 on Mac OS 10.6
> Details of what I'm trying to do are here:
> Cheers,
>          Linc.
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