Should Riak use paramterised modules?

Zubair Quraishi zubairq at
Thu Feb 18 14:36:24 EST 2010

I have been looking around the source code for Riak and I have noticed that
Riak uses parameterized modules:

-module(riak_client, [Node,ClientId]).

: to enable for example the following in the client API:

{ok, RiakClient} = riak:client_connect('riak at').


However, I have also heard that paramterized modules are only an
experimental feature of Erlang and are not only unsupported, but may be
removed in the future. If this were to happen it would break all the Riak
Erlang client libraries.

Is this something that should be changed in Riak as soon as possible, or am
I mistaken on this?


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