Issue with Link Queries

Lincoln Stoll lstoll at
Fri Feb 19 04:55:52 EST 2010

Awesome, thanks for that - it's much simpler. I figured there had to
be something like that in there, but missed it - nice work on ripple

Just to clarify because the riak docs don't mention it, It is not
possible to submit link-only jobs to the mapred interface - they have
to have some kind of map (or reduce function?). I've seen this come up
elsewhere, so just want to confirm and get it out there.


On Wed, Feb 17, 2010 at 18:52, Sean Cribbs <seancribbs at> wrote:
> 1) You can convert an object directly into a link with a tag:
> new_one.to_link("parent") would work for your example.
> 2) Instead of crafting a map/reduce job for link-walking, just do
> new_to.walk, which takes any number of WalkSpecs (or parameters that can be
> converted into walkspecs):

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