Can keys have slashes?

Bryan Fink bryan at
Mon Feb 22 09:36:25 EST 2010

On Sun, Feb 21, 2010 at 9:23 PM, John Lynch <john at> wrote:
> I have not been able to get Riak to accept slashes in keys (i.e.
> "foo/bar"). If this were possible it would be nice to be able to simulate a
> directory structure, say for example to serve a Javascript Ajax app
> (complete with css and image directories) directly out of Riak.  Is such a
> thing possible?

Hi, John.  Riak, proper, can accept slashes in keys.  However, the
HTTP interface uses Webmachine's dispatcher, which considers slashes
significant, and it also provides the ability to use link-walking URL
syntax after the bucket and key.  It also brings up the question of
whether the URL "/raw/foo/bar/baz/quux" points to the "bar/baz/quux"
object in the "foo" bucket or to the "quux" object in the
"foo/bar/baz" bucket.

The best way to use "slashes" in keys right now is to URL-encode them to "%2F".


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