Removal of Jiak

Bryan Fink bryan at
Mon Feb 22 13:17:57 EST 2010

Hello, Riak users.  This is an official announcement that Jiak will be
removed in the next release of Riak.  We have discussed with our
customers and the few users who responded when we brought up the topic
recently, and we think this is a good move.

I have just pushed a changeset to the tip of the bitbucket repo
effecting this change.  If you'd like to start testing against Riak
without Jiak, please clone any revision after:


Q1) Why was Jiak removed?
A1) Jiak developed out of the early needs of a specific application.
After watching other applications attempt to use it, we developed the
newer "raw" HTTP interface, which better fits a wider base of
applications.  In an effort to point people in the right direction
when using Riak, and to keep our supported codebase in check, we
decided to drop Jiak and focus on the newer HTTP interface.

In addition, the format in which Jiak stored its data was incompatible
with the new Javascript map/reduce abilities in Riak 0.8.  Removing
confusion around that incompatibility is a goal of removing Jiak.

Q2) Where did all of the language-specific libraries go?
A2) We removed the older Jiak libraries to lessen confusion.  By the
time we release the next version of Riak, replacement client libraries
in those same languages will be available.  Previews include:
 * The recently-released "Ripple" client for Ruby
 * A user-submitted client for Java
 * A new PHP client in the usual place
 * A python client is mostly there, and will be polished before release
 ...more to come

Q3) How do I transition from using the old Jiak interface to the new
HTTP interface?
A3) Many of the new language-specific client provide similar
interfaces to the old ones, so converting should be relatively simple
in many cases.  To get an idea of what may be different at the HTTP
level, please read the "raw http howto":


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