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francisco treacy francisco.treacy at
Mon Feb 22 19:18:01 EST 2010

I'll check it out, like the idea!

I am still developing riak-admin [1], which is based on static files
living in a Riak bucket in /raw. It's far from complete, but once I'm
done with rewriting the Javascript client (which is 90% done for both
browser and node.js - probably releasing it this week) I have plans to
greatly improve riak-admin. We are using it at our startup.

It's great to see a growing number of libraries for Riak.



2010/2/22 John Lynch <john at>:
> Hello Riakers,
> I have whipped up a (very) simple data browser for Riak (based on the
> Sinatra framework), which helps me as I try to understand Riak and the
> Ripple client and how they work. I am posting it here in case anyone else is
> interested.
> Regards,
> John Lynch, CTO
> Rigel Group, LLC
> john at
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