Dependency on erts 5.7.4

Justin Sheehy justin at
Mon Feb 22 21:50:53 EST 2010

Hi, Steve.

On Mon, Feb 22, 2010 at 8:14 PM, Steve Davis
<steven.charles.davis at> wrote:

> I was intending to run riak on a system that is currently tied to R12.

You can, as long as you use a Riak release that was built on a machine
with R13, since that will produce an embedded node that doesn't care
about any separately installed Erlang.

> Looking through the code I couldn't really see any reason, apart from the
> use of rebar for the build, why 13B is required for riak.

I'd say that the build and packaging system is more than reason
enough, but one of the other good ones is performance.  The amount of
performance improvement relevant to Riak from R12 to R13 is quite
significant -- so much so that I suspect we'd constantly be advising
people to "try it on R13" if we also supported R12.

In order to remove your concern entirely, we will soon be providing
pre-built binary packages for a number of operating systems.  With
those, there will be no external dependency on any version of Erlang
at all, so this issue should become moot for you.

> I'll be honest and say that at closer inspection, the limited use of protobuffs
> didn't seem to justify the dependency on some third party standard

I'm not sure what kind of justification is needed in choosing an
internal message format that clients don't ever have to deal with and
that doesn't require you to install anything external.  I am
interested to hear what made you see this as a practical downside.



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