Riak+Innostore segfaulting on Debian Lenny

Michael Montano michael.a.montano at gmail.com
Tue Feb 23 15:58:31 EST 2010

I built Riak and Innostore from the basho repository, followed the  
instructions for configuring innostore and successfully started a  
node. bin/riak-admin test was passing and I was able to read/write to  
the store. However, riak kept crashing after about 60 seconds. Works  
fine with riak_dets_backend. Anything I should be aware of re  
innostore on debian?

from /var/log/messages (the other logs had nothing)

Feb 22 09:09:00 riak[1571]: Starting up
Feb 22 09:09:26 kernel: beam.smp[1654]: segfault at 000000000c1fe000  
rip 00002aaaaba342af rsp 000000005eaf1fd8 error 4
Feb 22 09:09:49 riak[1688]: Starting up
Feb 22 09:10:52 kernel: beam.smp[1744]: segfault at 000000000c1eb000  
rip 00002aaaaba34254 rsp 000000004d2d5fd8 error 4
Feb 22 09:18:55 riak[1905]: Starting up
Feb 22 09:19:21 kernel: beam.smp[2013]: segfault at 00000000071e7000  
rip 00002aaaaba3426c rsp 0000000055ee3fd8 error 4'


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