riak + innostore

Lev Walkin vlm at lionet.info
Wed Feb 24 04:09:35 EST 2010

On Feb 19, 2010, at 8:57 AM, David Smith wrote:

> Again, I would caution against this sort of micro-benchmarking --  
> it's not at all representative of the performance you will see in a  
> production environment. As the data set on a production cluster  
> grows, you quickly become bound not by the speed of Riak, but by the  
> I/O constraints on each box. Micro-benchmarks such as the ones you  
> use here often lead to premature (and unnecessary) optimization. The  
> valid window for these types of benchmarks is the first 5 minutes of  
> runtime in your system, before you have any significant data in the  
> system and everything still fits into cache.
> All of my ranting about micro-benchmarks aside, you did uncover  
> something interesting about the behaviour of port_control vs  
> port_command. I'm not sure how to explain it and if you have  
> additional evidence, I'll gladly review it.

Here's an additional evidence. Without the patch attached to my  
original message, the Amazon EC2 Small boxes (we tried several) can't  
even be used to install Riak. After-install tests fail with the  
following diagnostics:

100224  0:25:36  InnoDB: highest supported file format is Barracuda.
100224  0:25:36 Embedded InnoDB started; log sequence  
number 62353
[1.031 s] ok
  innostore: roundtrip_test...100224  0:25:42  InnoDB: Starting  
100224  0:25:43  InnoDB: Shutdown completed; log sequence number 66529
*timed out*
InnoDB: Doublewrite buffer not found: creating new
InnoDB: Doublewrite buffer created
InnoDB: Creating foreign key constraint system tables
InnoDB: Foreign key constraint system tables created
100224  0:19:15 Embedded InnoDB started; log sequence  
number 0
[1.107 s] ok
  innostore: roundtrip_test...

too long, ^C
100224  0:25:14 Embedded InnoDB started; log sequence  
number 58464
[0.990 s] ok
  innostore: roundtrip_test...100224  0:25:20  InnoDB: Starting  
100224  0:25:20  InnoDB: Shutdown completed; log sequence number 62353
*timed out*


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