Future roadmap for indexed queries?

Preston Marshall preston at synergyeoc.com
Fri Feb 26 16:57:41 EST 2010

John, Riak allows you to cache mapreduce queries if you create them as  
named queries.  In a way, this kind of creates an index, because I  
think it works a bit like CouchDB where the caches are added to when  
there is new data.  I think Riak also has a similar query paradigm to  
CouchDB, which is dynamic data, static queries.  I may be completely  
wrong here, so feel free to correct me.


On Feb 26, 2010, at 3:53 PM, John Lynch wrote:

> I am preparing to give a talk on Riak next week to a local Ruby user  
> group here in San Diego, and wanted to get your thoughts on the  
> future of Riak.  While in its current form it is awesome for loads  
> of use cases, it falls short in the whole querying department, at  
> least as it relates to building typical web applications. I get the  
> map/reduce features, and the link features, but are there any plans  
> to build in indexed query capabilities, a la MongoDB?  Mongo  
> obviously has an easier time of this since it knows exactly what  
> format your data is in (BSON). Or, is this something you would leave  
> to third-parties to build as part of an ORM framework like Ripple,  
> for example, which would have a better idea of the shape of the data  
> and could create/maintain indexes accordingly...
> Regards,
> John Lynch, CTO
> Rigel Group, LLC
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