unexplained errors

Ken Sedgwick ksedgwic at bonsai.com
Tue Jan 5 20:25:00 EST 2010


I'm running a small program which attempts to create/update buckets of 
data.  After it runs for a while I get some unexplained error "pages" 
returned from the riak server.

* It's written in C++ and uses CURL to talk to the riak server.
* I'm currently using a single riak node.
* The client program uses 20 concurrent threads.

I've attached the messages.  I see several types:
1) 500 Internal Server Error ("timeout")
2) Timeout during object_forbidden read.
3) 500 Internal Server Error (with backtrace)

Any clues for what additional diagnostics to add or things to look at?

I've already added the "X-Riak-ClientId" header; each thread uses it's 
own clientid.  I think this helped quite a bit ...

Many thanks in advance!


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