HTTP interface questions

Paul Rogers paul at
Thu Jan 7 16:18:49 EST 2010

I got a few questions regarding the HTTP interface as of Riak 0.7:

 1. Why can I not do HTTP HEAD for a resource via the raw interface like I can
    for a resource via the jiak interface? Seems that would be equal
    functionality. I use HEAD to test existence of a resource via Jiak and
    would like to the same for the raw interface.

 2. Why is the HTTP Header for the Riak vclock value X-JIAK-VClock via the jiak
    interface and X-RIAK-VClock via the raw interface? I'd like to parse
    against the same string to get the vclock from the HTTP headers.

 3. What is the purpose of the HTTP response header Link field on a GET request
    against a bucket URL when the keys are returned? For both the Jiak and raw
    interfaces that field contains a lot of redundant information in the form
    of '/prefix/bucket/key' strings for every key. There is also a
    'riaktag="contained"' string for each key, so I suspect the answer has to
    do with that field, though it's the same for every key in my current



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