Riak client for Java

Justin Sheehy justin at basho.com
Sat Jan 9 16:05:32 EST 2010

Hi Jonathan,

On Sat, Jan 9, 2010 at 11:15 AM, Jonathan Lee <jonjlee at gmail.com> wrote:

> Over the holidays, I put together a Riak client for Java that uses
> Commons HttpClient and supports the Raw interface.
> http://bitbucket.org/jonjlee/riak-java-client

A first quick scan over the code (and nice docs) makes me think it
looks pretty darn good.  Thanks for creating it!

> I'd also love to see this incorporated into the Riak client libs,
> though it is substantially more code to maintain that what's currently
> there.  The code is in the com.basho.riak namespace, but I can move it
> out if that the Riak team prefers.

Pending just a bit more review, I would have no objection to this
becoming an officially-supported (and thus com.basho.riak makes sense)
Java interface to Riak.  One of our big desires is to have richer,
more language-idiomatic interfaces to Riak for various languages.
(Most of the earliest ones we provided were all following the same
basic simple pattern, which is a nice way for people to understand how
to interact with Riak... but doesn't necessarily fit in perfectly with
the way programmers on a given platform tend to think.)  A Ruby one is
in the works, this looks like a great Java one, and filling out with
more such interfaces is all the better.



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