logging clues? [resend]

Ryan Tilder rtilder at basho.com
Fri Jan 22 10:31:40 EST 2010

On Thu, Jan 21, 2010 at 12:56 PM, Ken Sedgwick <ksedgwic at bonsai.com> wrote:

> [I had to strip the client log because the list remailer quarantines
> messages over 40K ...]
> On 01/21/2010 06:34 AM, Bryan Fink wrote:
>  I'm not sure about the RST you're seeing.  What operating system are
>> you using?  We've found that TCP performance on OS X under heavy
>> concurrent load is pretty awful, and could cause symptoms like this,
>> for example.
> Bryan,
> Thank you for the advice re logging, it's working great!
> I re-ran my client and generated the RST error again.  I also captured the
> server log at the same time.  I've attached both.
> The interesting part is that on the three keys that the client reports the
> RST on, the server log doesn't mention them at all.
> ds_put: trouble w/ key "Pmoazf5usxs="
> ds_put: trouble w/ key "ZJ091hYA9zs="
> ds_put: trouble w/ key "VSIGItUHD3c="
> This suggests to me that the request isn't getting very far into the server
> before it is falling afoul somehow ...
What level of concurrency of requests are you using?  The default TCP listen
queue in riak is 30, which is likely large enough for most situations.

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