Choices between HTTP interfaces to Riak

Justin Sheehy justin at
Thu Jan 28 15:07:48 EST 2010

Riak users,

Currently there are two different HTTP interfaces to Riak:

- "jiak" -- enforces JSON structure and allows for some schema
invariant enforcement

- "raw" -- allows any content type, and is also much simpler and faster

The jiak interface was the one that we discussed the most after the
initial public release of Riak as it was the first one written against
that codebase.  As we have worked with a number of users recently we
have seen over and over again that the raw interface is the one that
people settle on for many reasons: performance, flexibility, and

We do not know of any current deployments that depend on specific
features of the jiak interface.  As a result, we are hoping to slowly
deprecate that interface, moving the preferred client libraries to
default to the raw interface, and providing means as needed for people
to make the very small changes needed to migrate from one to the

If you are using jiak in any way that depends on any of its
differences from raw, please pipe up so that we can discuss how best
to meet the needs of your use case.



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