python client to riak

robert schaefer rps at
Wed Jul 7 10:07:50 EDT 2010

Hello All,

  I am a new user to riak and want to use the python client.

  First I installed the riak server and walked through a few of the steps 
  in the README steps at the text:
  "We are now ready to start the Riak Client:"
  it failed at the command:
  <ok,C} = riak:client_connect(RiakNode) with the error 
  exception error undefined function client_connect)

  I then tried the 
 "building a development environment" web page and got farther
  to the point that I could load a file and see it via web page.  

  I hg'd riak-python-client and python installed it.
  The README said that there would be documentation in the docs directory.
  There is no docs directory.
  I googled riak python examples, and found none.

  So now I have this python "client" code and have no idea how to use it.

  Any help with examples for using the python client to Riak?

  thanks in advance

robert schaefer
Atmospheric Sciences Group
MIT Haystack Observatory
Westford, MA 01886

email:  rps at
voice:  781-981-5767

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