python client to riak

Matthew Heitzenroder mheitzenroder at
Wed Jul 7 11:45:28 EDT 2010


Take a look at the tests in the python client here:

You want to see how to create a client, then create a bucket, then create
objects for that bucket.  It looks a bit like this:

from riak import *

client = RiakClient()
bucket = client.bucket("foo")
obj ="some_key", {"key":"value"})

Then, if you want to make sure it go there, do something like:

curl http://localhost:8098/riak/foo/some_key | python -m json.tool

and you'll get some JSON back.


On Wed, Jul 7, 2010 at 10:07 AM, robert schaefer <rps at>wrote:

>  Any help with examples for using the python client to Riak?
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