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We moved some things around recently and it looks like the documentation didn't move with it. I put the documentation on our wiki, you can find it here:

Sorry for the confusion.

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On Jul 7, 2010, at 9:07 AM, robert schaefer wrote:

> Hello All,
>  I am a new user to riak and want to use the python client.
>  First I installed the riak server and walked through a few of the steps 
>  in the README steps at the text:
>  "We are now ready to start the Riak Client:"
>  it failed at the command:
>  <ok,C} = riak:client_connect(RiakNode) with the error 
>  exception error undefined function client_connect)
>  I then tried the 
> "building a development environment" web page and got farther
>  to the point that I could load a file and see it via web page.  
>  Anyway, 
>  I hg'd riak-python-client and python installed it.
>  The README said that there would be documentation in the docs directory.
>  There is no docs directory.
>  I googled riak python examples, and found none.
>  So now I have this python "client" code and have no idea how to use it.
>  Any help with examples for using the python client to Riak?
>  thanks in advance
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