Riak Recap for 7/12

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Tue Jul 13 16:35:06 EDT 2010

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A short and sweet Recap for today.



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Riak Recap for 7/12

1) Q  --- Is there a limit to how many links an object may have? (from
makmanalp via #riak)

    A  --- Officially, no, but the HTTP interface has some
limitations: 1000 headers + 8K per header max. At the point where you
breach that, you will have other problems.

2) Q --- Does anyone know of any rdf client libraries for riak (in
ruby), something like http://github.com/bendiken/rdf-cassandra? Or
general riak/rdf efforts? (from bkaney via #riak)

    A --- We don't know of any. Anyone else out there heard of/working on one?

3)  freshtonic, drev1 and seancribbs had a great conversation about
benchmarking that might be of use to some of you.

Gist here ---> http://gist.github.com/474455

4) @vigemarn of Viget Labs gave a preso this past weekend at DevNation
in Portland called "Distributing Your Data." While it's not Riak
specific, it's great overview of what properly distributing and
scaling your data actually means. Check it out.

Slides here --- >

PDF Download here --->

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