Riak Recap for 7/16 -7/18

Mark Phillips mark at basho.com
Mon Jul 19 11:47:19 EDT 2010

Morning, Afternoon, Evening to all,

Hope everyone had a great weekend. This Recap comes to you live from
Portland, OR. I'm still looking to connect with people who are at
OSCON, so if you're in town, let me know.



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Riak Recap for 7/16 -7/18

1) Robert O'brien gave a presentation on Riak over the weekend at Bar
Camp Auckland.  Though there are no slides available (as far as I
know), the internet does indicate that the talk went well.

2) ronr_, drev1, and justinsheey had a brief conv about if Riak could
be configured to use different physical hard drives and which backend
would give the most throughput

Gist here ---> http://gist.github.com/481511

3) Q ---  I am writing a front end for riak in node. Now I want to be
able to filter records, what would be the most fast: filtering by
adding javascript functions to riak or by just requesting every record
and do the filtering in my node frontend? (from mauritslamers via

    A --- Go with the first option and MapReduce to a known set of
bucket and keys. The latter option would involved listing keys, and
you want to avoid that when possible.

4) Q --- Has Riak the same problems like mongo? When an node crash the
database must repair ? Because at the moment i have only 3 nodes on
one server. (from boonkerz via #riak)

    A --- No. If a server goes down data will be passed to fallback
nodes (hinted handoff); when the node comes back online the hinted
data will be passed to the node

5)  Q --- How can I clear riak db and clean out all the buckets? (from psquil)

     A --- Two options:  Stop riak and -rm the files in the backend
data directory, or iterate over the keys and issue deletes.

6)  Q ---  I come from couchdb world and want to give Riak a try. I
was wondering if the map reduce jobs where stored or just 'posted'
live to return values ? (from coulix_greg via #riak)

     A --- All Riak Map/Reduce queries are "live", there are no
indexes built like in Couch's "view" system.

7)  Q --- Are there any limitations on what keys can be? (from
makmanalp via #riak)

     A --- Some backends limit key length (innostore comes to mind),
but in general just make sure they are accessible via your preferred
interface, e.g. HTTP keys need to be URL-escaped.

8) On a very meta note, I wrote a blog post about the Riak Recap over
on my blog.

Post here ---> http://phark.posterous.com/why-i-write-the-riak-recap-everyday

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