Riak Recap for 7/21-7/22

Mark Phillips mark at basho.com
Fri Jul 23 13:06:32 EDT 2010

Morning, Afternoon, Evening to all,

It's my last day at OSCON, so I'm a bit sad, but we have some truly
awesome stuff happening in the Riak Community, so that make up for it!

Enjoy today's Recap and have a great weekend.


Community Manager
Basho Technologies


Riak Recap for 7/21-7/22

1) The Riak Map Reduce Webinar happened yesterday. For those of you
who weren't able to make it, we actually made good on our promise to
record it this time.

Video here ---> http://vimeo.com/13554436

Slides here ---> http://www.slideshare.net/dreverri/riak-mapreduce

2) I got a chance to catch up with @mootpointer at OSCON and chat a
bit their Riak usage at Lexer.

Video here ---> http://blog.basho.com/2010/07/21/riak-in-production---lexer/

*** I'm looking to do more of these videos, so if anyone wants to
spend a few minutes talking about how and why they are using Riak, get
in touch with me. I want to talk to you.

3) D Zone put together an article based on the release of 0.12 and the
announcement of the Riak San Francisco Meetup.

Post here ---> http://architects.dzone.com/articles/riak-hits-012-gets-office

4)  Looks like @jebui decided to take a pass at a Tokyo Cabinet back
end for Riak based . Definitely something to keep an eye on. Thanks,

Github repo here ---> http://github.com/jebu/riak_tokyo_cabinet

Added to the Riak Wiki here --->

5) The Riakjs.org site was turned on this morning (as far as I know).
Riak-js is the js lib started by @frank06 and it looks he is now
working with @siculars, @freshtonic, and @botanicus. The site is
awesome (and I hear the library isn't too shabby, either). Thanks,

Site here ---> http://riakjs.org/

And it also made a bit of splash on Hacker News --->

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