Best way to bulk load 1M rows

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Fri Jul 23 15:48:36 EDT 2010

Hi Robert,

I get about 200 inserts/s with the Ruby client on really low-end hardware
(athlon xp2000). This means that in just over 1h you can get 1M tweets up,
which is way less time than you'll have to wait for a response from the
list. Also you can insert in parallel on different nodes, so if you have 4
(really old) nodes you can do it in 15min.

2010/7/23 <golsombe at>

> All,
> I'm trying to find an optimized method for loading 1Million trending tweets
> into a single Riak node for map-reduce analysis. I've played with the erlang
> protobuffer client as well as Ruby Riak-Client, both are too slow. Any
> ideas?
> Robert Hall aka Golsombe
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