Running multiple Riak instances.

Misha Gorodnitzky misaka at
Sun Jul 25 16:57:58 EDT 2010

Ya, I changed that in my vm.staging.args config file. However, in the
process list I see these two processes:

  /usr/lib/riak/erts-5.7.5/bin/run_erl -daemon /var/run/riak-staging/
/var/log/riak-staging exec /usr/sbin/riak console -
  /usr/lib/riak/erts-5.7.5/bin/beam.smp -K true -A 5 -- -root
/usr/lib/riak -progname riak -- -home /var/lib/riak -- -boot
/usr/lib/riak/releases/0.12.0/riak -embedded -config
/etc/riak/app.staging.config -name riak_staging at -setcookie
riak-staging -home /var/lib/riak-staging -- console -

The second one being a child to the first. I can see that the -name is
being set there, what worries me is that -progname is 'riak', I'm not
sure if that needs to be unique or not, or how to change it.


On 25 July 2010 17:29, Grant Schofield <grant at> wrote:
> Does the second vm.args have the same -name setting as the first node? Each node will need to have a unique name configured.
> Grant Schofield
> Developer Advocate
> Basho Technologies, Inc.
> On Jul 25, 2010, at 9:00 AM, Misha Gorodnitzky wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I'm trying to run multiple instances of Riak on my server with the
>> goal to run both the staging environment and eventually the production
>> environment on the same server (I only have one for this project).
>> This is an Ubuntu server and if at all possible I'd prefer not to
>> build Riak from source, although I understand that it would be easier
>> to have multiple instances running that way. I would rather keep
>> software managed with the package manager here.
>> What I've done is I've modified /usr/sbin/riak to allow specifying the
>> config files to use (app.config, vm.args), the log dir, run dir (for
>> the pipe) and the home dir, and I can startup an instance of Riak
>> using my "staging" environment. However, when I try to start up the
>> second Riak instance, it fails with just a couple of things
>> out-of-the-ordinary in it's logs:
>>  =INFO REPORT==== 25-Jul-2010::13:54:35 ===
>>      application: riak_kv
>>      exited: {shutdown,{riak_kv_app,start,[normal,[]]}}
>>      type: permanent
>>  =INFO REPORT==== 25-Jul-2010::13:54:35 ===
>>      alarm_handler: {clear,system_memory_high_watermark}
>>  {"Kernel pid terminated",application_controller,"{application_start_failure,riak_kv,{shutdown,{riak_kv_app,start,[normal,[]]}}}"}^M
>>  Kernel pid terminated (application_controller)
>> ({application_start_failure,riak_kv,{shutdown,{riak_kv_app,start,[normal,[]]}}})^M
>> And the Riak process that's already running logs this:
>>  ** Connection attempt from disallowed node 'riak_staging at' **
>> Any ideas what this might be? Has anyone managed to do this using the
>> Riak .deb package?
>> Thanks,
>> --Misha
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