Protocol Buffer Timeouts

Misha Gorodnitzky misaka at
Fri Jul 30 12:48:53 EDT 2010

Hello all,

We're doing some load testing using Riak erlang protocol buffers
interface and are running into timeouts. From the looks of it, the
timeouts are coming from the gen_server:calls in riakc_pb_socket.erl
which don't specify a timeout, meaning that they timeout after 5
seconds and we lose any reply that may come back from Riak (in our
case, the request to Riak typically completes despite the timeout).

What's the best way to handle these timeouts? We could just increase
the timeout period in the calls, it seems odd to only give the Riak
client code 5 seconds when Riak could potentially take longer to
respond. Is this a bug?


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