riak and The Beatles

Thomas Heller info at zilence.net
Sat Jun 5 06:51:06 EDT 2010

Howdy folks,

I'm trying to get more into riak lately but my time is limited so I'm
still at the most basic level.

Anyways, looking over every example I find (talks, blogs, etc) there
are always great examples how link-walking, map-reduce, etc is the
answer to all. But NEVER do I seem to find any source Data. I mean its
great that I can call something like:

@ http://seancribbs.com/tech/2010/02/06/why-riak-should-power-your-next-rails-app/
GET /raw/artists/TheBeatles/albums,_,_/tracks,_,1

or something ripple style:

@ http://github.com/seancribbs/ripple

results = Riak::MapReduce.new(client).
                link(:bucket => "albums").
                map("function(v){ return
[JSON.parse(v.values[0].data).title]; }", :keep => true).run

and get a bunch of Beatles tracks but would anyone mind showing the
the source data?

How would the artist/album/track documents look like?
What would their links look like?

I appreciate the effort to evangilize Riak and probably can work all
that out by myself but that would require alot more time than just
looking at some simple examples (with DATA). I can understand that you
probably dont want to "enforce" a Schema upon people by building a
defacto "reference" app but at least back up your examples with the
underlying data, even if its just for one artist/album/track relation.

Sorry for the rant.


PS: Sorry Sean for only including examples from your Posts, there are
others too.

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