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Dan Reverri dan at basho.com
Mon Jun 14 21:53:00 EDT 2010

Hi Gareth,

You can use application:get_key/2 to see the version after attaching to your
riak node:

./rel/riak/bin/riak attach
Attaching to /tmp//tmp/riak/rel/riak/erlang.pipe.1 (^D to exit)

(riak at> application:get_key(riak_kv,vsn).
(riak at> application:get_key(riak_core,vsn).

I've filed a feature request to have this information added to the stats


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On Mon, Jun 14, 2010 at 6:35 PM, Gareth Stokes
<gareth at betechnology.com.au>wrote:

> hey riakers,
> whats the best way of checking the version for riak.
> if i type "riak-admin status" then i get the erlang otp version but not
> riaks...
> cheers,
> gareth stokes
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