Riak Recap for 6/15

Mark Phillips mark at basho.com
Wed Jun 16 16:06:49 EDT 2010

Afternoon, Evening, Morning to all,

For today's recap: An updated Python Client, more work on the
recently-released Net-Riak Driver, a blog post, Riak in LA, and more.



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Riak Recap for 6/15

1) The Python Client for Riak got a huge update yesterday.

Check out the latest here ---> http://pypi.python.org/pypi/riak/1.0.0

2) @franckcuny has been cranking on his new Net-Riak Driver.

Latest code here --->http://search.cpan.org/~franckc/Net-Riak-0.04/

Latest changes here --->

3) @mileszs wrote a great blog entitled "PPL 30 Day 2: Riak." This one
is a must read, not only for the quality of the post, but also for
lines like, "You can freely mimic Emiril by throwing up a new node and
yelling "BAM!"

Post here --->http://is.gd/cRjeV

4) H/T to @erbmicha (a.k.a. Michael "don't call me merb" Erb) for
handling the Riak Homebrew update for the to 0.11 release. Thanks!

5) For all in the LA Area, it looks like Scott Gonyea ( @acts_as) will
be giving a presentation called "MapReduce Introduction and Use-Cases"
using Riak. (There's a good chance Kobe Bryant will be there...)

More details and registration here --->

6) I heard a rumor that Riak T Shirts arrived in both Wellington, New
Zealand and New York yesterday but I haven't seen pictures to confirm
so I can't say for sure...

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