backup error

David Weldon dweldon at
Mon Jun 28 19:00:19 EDT 2010

I'm running 0.10.1 with a cluster of 3 nodes. In preparation for a
migration to 0.11, I'd like to do a backup. Unfortunately, when I try
it I get this:

$ ./bin/riak-admin backup riak at ip-10-212-101-235.ec2.internal riak
riak-backup.dat all

Backing up (all nodes) to 'riak-backup.dat'.
...from ['riak at ip-10-195-189-235.ec2.internal',
         'riak at ip-10-212-101-235.ec2.internal',
         'riak at ip-10-242-66-3.ec2.internal']
{"init terminating in

It seems to create a backup file so I suspect the error doesn't have
anything to do with file permissions. I assume it isn't valid based on
the error though. Any ideas?


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