Riak Recap for 6/28-6/29

Mark Phillips mark at basho.com
Wed Jun 30 10:51:09 EDT 2010

Morning, Afternoon, Evening to all,

For today's recap: Gists on everything from link walking to post
commit hooks, a few orphaned queries from IRC, and a pointer to a blog
post about Riak and something called "MongoDB."



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Riak Recap for 6/28-6/29

1) bingledac, seancribbs, and  BrianTheCoder had a long and
illustrative conversation about links and the best way to use them in
your application.

Gist here ---> http://gist.github.com/458672

2) siculars and seancribbs had a super brief conversation about using
MapReduce to pull in records from multiple buckets.

Gist here ---> http://gist.github.com/458685

3) benblack, sanity, and seancribbs discussed whether or not Riak
would be well suited "to store tens of millions of  JSON objects (each
about 1k in size) and then retrieve all of them at a later time." This
one is long but well worth it.

Gist here ---> http://gist.github.com/458692

4) Q --- Is there an easy way just to get a count of the keys in a
bucket? (from BrianTheCoder via #riak)

    A --- At the moment, the easiest way to do this is with MapReduce.
For instance, you could accomplish this with a map phase that returns
[1], and a reduce phase that uses Riak.reduceSum.

  Aside from that, there is a ticket open for a simple call operation
to return the total number of items in a bucket.  You can track its
progress here  --->    https://issues.basho.com/show_bug.cgi?id=57

5) bradfordw, drev1, and hemulen were burning the midnight oil last
night and had a great chat about post commit hooks.

Gist here ---> http://gist.github.com/458727

6) Q --- How do you link walk, but only return unique results? (from
BrianTheCoder via #riak)

    A --- To do this, you would use a reduce phase after the link phase.

7) A blog post called "Riak and MongoDB: A key-value data store
comparison" came across the wires this morning. Definitely worth the

Blog here --> http://www.megarockv.com/2010/06/29/riak-and-mongodb-a-key-value-data-store-comparison/

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