Riak Recap for 4/29 - 5/2

Mark Phillips mark at basho.com
Mon May 3 12:17:26 EDT 2010

Hey All -

Hope the weekend was good. For today's recap: some Riak + node.js
info, a pointer to a presentation, a hefty discount code, and a Riak
review from Linuxfr.org.

Enjoy -


Mark Phillips
Community Manager
Basho Technologies


Riak Recap for 4/29 - 5/2

1) For anyone out there using (or thinking about using) Riak with
node.js, @frank06 let it slip on Twitter that he added "removeAll" to
his riak-js client.

Check out the changes here -- > http://github.com/frank06/riak-js

* On a more general note, if anyone is interested in Riak + node.js
and has any questions, @frank06, @siculars, and @botanicus are all
doing some very cool stuff in that realm. Though I can't make any
promises, they might be up for answering questions/trading ideas on
the topic.
2) Dan Reverri (@reverri) posted a presentation that he gave at a
NoSQL Meetup this past week

Check it out here -- > http://prezi.com/hwjggj3t01ue/riak/

3) For anyone in the greater Oklahoma  City Area: Sean Cribbs is
giving a Riak Training at the sure-to-be awesome Red Dirt Ruby
Conference taking place May 6-7th.

Use the code "riak_training" and get yourself a 20% discount on registration.

Conference info here: -- > http://reddirtrubyconf.com/

4) Another Riak sighting in La France - Mathew Bruno posted a great
piece about Riak in linuxfr.org with some details on the 0.10 release
along with more general information on Riak. Je le recommende

Check it out here -- > http://linuxfr.org/2010/05/03/26801.html

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