Setting read quorum for map reduce jobs

Johnathan Loggie johnathan.loggie at
Tue May 4 10:13:48 EDT 2010


I¹m struggling to find how to set the the read quorum for a map reduce job
via the REST api.

The documentation doesn¹t mention that this is even possible.
I¹m using ripple, and tried forcing r=1 onto the end of the query string
(e.g with @client = = Œ/mapred?r=1¹)) to see if
this resource worked like the others, but had no luck.

I have 2 riak nodes and have deliberately stopped one as if it were down or
In this state my map reduce jobs fail to run on the node that is up and

Can anybody help?
Have I completely got the wrong end of the stick on this one?

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