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Grant Schofield grant at
Wed May 12 18:08:29 EDT 2010

In order to run multiple nodes on a host, and consequently multiple clusters, you will need to edit the vm.args and app.config for each embedded node  (an embedded node being a copy of the rel/riak directory you built). For each of these nodes you will need to change the "-name riak at" setting in etc/vm.args to something like "-name nodeX at"  where X is the node number. In the etc/app.config you will need to change all of the port settings  (handoff_port, pb_port, and web_port) so that they are unique to each node. 

This will allow you to start multiple nodes. Once a node is running you can use the "riak-admin join" to have it join another node and form a cluster.

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On May 12, 2010, at 4:43 PM, Sami Samhuri wrote:

> Hi all,
> Trying to configure 2 clusters on the same machine. The 2nd node I fire up quits after a second or two. Is this possible, and I'm just missing some configuration? Or should I be spinning up VMs for additional clusters?
> tia,
> Sami
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