install on freebsd and dragonflybsd

Vitaly Martynenko vitalka at
Thu May 13 15:24:34 EDT 2010

Hi Ryan,

  I have the same issue under FreeBSD.
  And your Makefile.test gives this result:
  CURDIR = ""

  If change $(CURDIR) to $(.CURDIR) I get
  CURDIR = "/usr/home/vitalka"

  I had a little progress with building Riak, but stopped on building
  erlang_js, can't find a way to build it.

  FreeBSD 8.0
  gmake 3.81

rurlbc> Can you mail the list the output of the attached test Makefile?  If the
rurlbc> builtin gmake CURDIR variable isn't being set, there isn't much we can do
rurlbc> for you, I'm afraid.  It means that your gmake build is woefully broken or
rurlbc> something, somewhere is managing to set it to an empty string.

rurlbc> --Ryan

Best regards,
 Vitaly                            mailto:vitalka at

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