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Chris Hicks silent_vendetta at
Sat May 15 01:56:17 EDT 2010

Alright, so I've worked my way through a few hurdles in getting this thing to work properly but I've hit a spot where I don't know what to try next. keep in mind that I am learning both Erlang and Riak at the same time, or at least trying to.

Connecting works just fine:

{ok, Pid} = riak:client_connect('riak at').
{ok,{riak_client,'riak at',<<2,232,152,157>>}}

Trying to create a new riak object does not go as smoothly:

Object = riakc_obj:new(<<"groceries">>, <<"mine">>, <<"eggs & bacon">>).
** exception error: undefined function riakc_obj:new/3

The module can be found, however, so I know I set up the code paths right:


The function new/4 works just fine though:

Object = riakc_obj:new(<<"groceries">>, <<"mine">>, <<"eggs & bacon">>, []).
{riakc_obj,<<"groceries">>,<<"mine">>,<<"eggs & bacon">>,[],

I've tried two different ways to put that object into the DB and both failed as shown below:

Pid:put(Object, 1).
** exception error: no function clause matching 
                                                  <<"eggs & bacon">>,[],
     in function  riak_client:put/5


riak_client:put(Object, 1, 1).
** exception error: no function clause matching 
                                        <<"eggs & bacon">>,[],

The above method also fails if I try the put/4 method with the same error message .

I'm looking in the source code here: and based on what I can see I can't explain why I am getting the errors I am, with put or with creating a new object. I might just be too tired at the moment to figure it out but it is driving me crazy and any help would be appreciated.

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