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Sat May 15 18:05:32 EDT 2010

For the project I am working on there are going to be a lot of individual objects, eventually into the millions, with the vast majority of them being linked as (poorly) depicted below.

Overly simplified data model:

                B <==========>B
         ____|___                          ___|___
        /               \                     /              \
      C                 C                C                C
  /  /  \  \         /  /  \  \         /  /  \  \         /  /  \  \
 |  |   |   |       |  |   |   |       |  |   |   |       |  |   |   |
D D D D     D D D D     D D D D     D D D D

Where some of the B level objects (each level separated into different buckets) are linked to each other but in very limited numbers. In some of these areas there will be a ton of rapid updates and in others much more rare updates. Since a decent portion of my data modifications involve nothing more than shifting which C level object a D level object is associated with, is there anything I should keep in mind when planning for a lot of link-changing operations? For example, though for some reason I can't find it now, I remember reading that the amount of links one could have per object was something like 170K links, is that correct? I understand performance would degrade quite a bit when one has that amount of data for a single object and my project won't call for anywhere near that but just want to understand the nuances of the whole process.

Also, sort of related, I plan on running this whole thing on a single dedicated server machine (unless I get major usage and get the money to upgrade) that will have multiple CPU's. Should I just operate one physical node on that machine or should I match the number of CPU's with the number of nodes, essentially dedicating each physical CPU to handling a hardware node (if that is possible)? What would the pros and cons be to a single or multi-node system on that sort of hardware?

Chris Hicks.
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