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First of thank you for the responses.

As far as the HTTP interface I don't plan on using that but will be connecting directly through Erlang, so that 8kb limit for that specific case, as far as I understand, won't affect me as much. I would like to get to understand the conflict handling a bit better as in my case I know that this is going to be something I will need to pay particular attention to.

I'd like to spell out a scenario that shows how I understand the process to work so that you guys can tell me I have it or I'm totally off base. To start let me say that the project I'm working on is a game, so imagine a chest with a number of items in it which is little more than a chest object with links to the specific items contained in the chest.

Player 1, Player 2 and Player 3 all decide to take something from the chest at the exact same time. They all retrieve version 0 (using version for simplicity) of the chest object from the DB. Player 1's connection/processing is lightning fast and they finish, updating the chest document to version 1. Player 2 & 3 finish at the same time and both try to update the chest document in the database, except that it has now changed and so there is a conflict. Now as far as I understand it you can tell the DB to return both versions and let the program handle it. Does that mean that both Player 2 and Player 3 will get version 1 of the document back along with their proposed modified version?

If that is the case it seems like I could, if I plan for it from the beginning, simply restart the processing for Player 2 and Player 3 with version 1 acting like the original document. In this way I could make sure that actions taken from a player are done, more-or-less, in a first come first serve basis. If the above is true does it matter how many revisions the document has undergone, as far as what is returned after a conflict?

By that I mean what happens if Player 4 tries to get something out of the chest at the same time as the other 3, only for some reason their processing is very very slow and Players 1, 2 and 3 all finish up completely and the chest document is at version 3 when player 4 tries to submit their document back to the D. Does Player 4 get version 3 of the document back along with their own proposed modified document?

How close am I as far as how the DB handles this?
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