Recovering datas when a node was joining again the cluster (with all node datas lost)

Germain Maurice germain.maurice at
Mon May 17 07:49:20 EDT 2010


I have a 3 nodes cluster and I simulated a complete lost of one node 
(node3, erase of the entire hard disk).
I installed it again, i launche a "riak console", "riak-admin join 
riak at node2", i waited a while to see the recovering of datas on node3 
which was freshly repaired, but no datas were created.

I decided to request a document on my bucket via node3 - to verify the 
availability of datas -, datas are available and i was suprised that the 
datas were created at this exact time on node3.

Is a normal behavior ? If it's normal, why ?

Me and my questions wish you all the best ;)


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