Recovering datas when a node was joining again the cluster (with all node datas lost)

Paul R at
Mon May 17 09:34:06 EDT 2010

Hi !

Germain> Hum... i'm reading again "Replication" section on the wiki, and
Germain> i found that the behaviour i described seems to be a "read repair".

It is indeed documented, still, it makes me wonder what the user is
supposed to do after the definitive lost of a physical node.

For instance :

1 - they are 3 physical nodes in the grid, buckets having n_val=3
2 - physical node 2 explodes
3 - a new physical node, 2bis, is setup to replace the missing one

What should the user do to come back to the previous level of
replication ? A forced read repair, in other words a GET with R=2 on all
objects of all buckets ? 



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