Riak Recap for 5/17

Mark Phillips mark at basho.com
Tue May 18 10:52:42 EDT 2010

Morning, Afternoon, Evening -

Short recap for today - a convo about N and R values, a code snippet
for testing, a fix to the Fast Track, and a heads up to anyone at
google i/o.

Enjoy -


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Riak Recap for 5/17

1) seancribbs and roidrage had a brief convo in #riak about what
happens when you set the R value to greater than N

Gisted here --->  http://gist.github.com/405026

2) The ineffable @moonpolysoft posted a code snippet for setting up
and tearing down a Riak instance in eunit tests.

Check it out here --- > http://gist.github.com/404645

3) There was an error in the downloadable Erlang script in the Riak
Fast Track that imported data for use in the MapReduce tutorial. This
has been fixed. (h/t to roidrage for catching this!)

Check it out here if you had problems with it before --->


4) If anyone is out at Google I/O and wants to talk Riak and/or
Node.js, shoot a message to @siculars on Twitter. He has some awesome
ideas if you're looking to trade some.

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