Riak Recap for 5/20

Mark Phillips mark at basho.com
Fri May 21 14:16:48 EDT 2010

Afternoon, Evening, Morning -

Just three short but worthwhile questions from #riak for today's Recap.

Bon week-end à tous -


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Riak Recap for 5/20

1) Q --- Anyone know how i could query Riak directly with ExtJS, is
there a lib out there or can i use the jquery one? (from BBHoss via

    A --- There isn't a specialized lib but you could probably use our
js client if you were OK with also taking jquery as a dependency.

   JS client info is here --->

2) Q --- Can riak data be encrypted on disk? Maybe an option with
innostore? (from bkaney via #riak)

    A --- You could use an encrypted disk, or encrypt the data as it
goes in but Riak doesn't provide any built-in.

3) Q --- Is there a best practice for querying a riak cluster, like
round-robin or something? (from howboutjoe via #riak)

    A --- Any node in the cluster can respond to any request so a
round-robin distribution would work.

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