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Guilherme Silveira guilherme.silveira at
Wed May 26 12:40:44 EDT 2010

Hello guys,

I did a presentation on REST interfaces for nosql dbs and some friends
mentioned the Riak interface. Comparing to other ones I've found so
far, it uses much more of http and related rfcs than most rest apis.

There was probably a reason for that I am unaware of, so what could
prevent using the rel element instead of the custom riaktag attribute?

Also when checking the vclock and etag headers, is it possible to use
the etag and last modified instead of vclocks at all? I know its
supported, but still vclock is mandatory now, correct?

The meta header could not be contained within the representation
itself? The http provides meta data in a uniform way, allowing clients
to extend it at will seems to make it easy to break this interface.

Finally, any interest in creating an entry point for it all? Where we
can navigate to stats, map reduces executed so far and so on?


Guilherme Silveira
Caelum | Ensino e Inovação

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