cannot query bucket when a node is down

Johan Harjono johanharjono at
Mon May 31 11:08:54 EDT 2010


I'm having a trouble querying a bucket when one of the nodes in the cluster
is down. This is what I did

1. Set up a cluster of two nodes, call them node1 and node2
2. Use curl to create a bucket "users" and key "user1" with value "Hello
3. Test that I can use curl to fetch the bucket and key from both node1 and
node2 (i.e. GET /bucket/ and GET /bucket/key)
4. use `riak stop` to stop one of the nodes from running
5. Use curl to GET bucket/key - this works (and of course, the request is
directed at the node that is still running)
6. Use curl to GET bucket/ - at this point it just hangs

What I do not understand is how it is possible that when one of the nodes is
down, GET on a bucket/key works, but GET on a bucket/ does not. Any thoughts
on this?

thank you,
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