Some Feature Ideas: Lists and Twin Keys

Cagdas Tulek ctulek at
Mon Nov 1 15:22:12 EDT 2010


Thanks for the meetup in SF last week. I couldn't find the place for a long
time and I was not able to hear everything that speakers said but it was
good to see you. :)

I'm not sure if the following features confront with the architectural
design and decisions of Riak but they would make many use cases

Support for lists/sets on Riak like in Redis. The lists may even just store
other keys instead of arbitrary values. That way you would be able to
add/remove keys to a list/set with atomic operations.

Twin Keys:
Keys that refer to the same value. This way you can get the same document
from different angles. For instance, one logic may refer to a value as a
friend of a user, while another will refer friendships created today.
Together with the further semantics you want to put to keys (this tokenizing
key names and running logical operations on them) this will make it much
more efficient to find a value without needing duplications etc.


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