Riak Recap for Nov. 1 - 2

Mark Phillips mark at basho.com
Wed Nov 3 20:13:14 EDT 2010

Evening, Morning, Afternoon to all,

For today's Recap we have slides, some new productions users on the
wiki, a drink up happening in SF tonight, and some great Q & A.



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Riak Recap for Nov. 1 - 2

1)  Wilson Macgyver (@wmacgyver) posted his slides from a Riak talk he
gave at the recent 1DevDay Detroit event.

Presentation can be viewed here ---> http://bit.ly/9Xs44r

Thanks, Wilson!

2)  We added two new users to the "Who is Using Riak" Page on the wiki
- ZayMobile Technology and Division by Zero.


Anyone else out there who should be on this page? Don't hesitate to
let me know...

3) Q --- Is there any sense in separating some bucket with a lot of
keys to some smaller buckets so I can later use then in mapred
separately, will it give any performance boost?  e.g. I have client's
orders in one bucket, and I can put orders of each client in separate
buckets. (from hoodoos via #riak)

    A --- Yes. The smaller number of keys your bucket holds, the
faster the map/reduce will be (as a rule).

4) Q --- Does anyone know if the bitcask storage engine performs
better with extfs4 or xfs ? (from DangerDawson via #riak)

    A --- This is not something we have hard and fast numbers on. If
you happen to properly bench it before we get to it, let us know :)

5) Q --- Is it possible to load third party javascript libraries like
underscore.js to be available in map/reduce functions? (from clofresh
via #riak)

    A --- This can be done in app.config in 'js_source_dir' under
'riak_kv settings'  Start here --->

6)  Q --- The HTTP interface allows queries to run via solr. with the
php client, it allows only lucene syntax. my question is, if I use the
php client I need to write something to query via solr, if I want to
use solr? (from joseph_sh #riak)

     A --- If you want to query Riak Search as Solr, you should use a
Solr client. We support enough of the Solr interface to make some
clients work, but not all of them. If you find that the PHP Solr
client is not completely compatible with Riak Search, we will happily
accept patches.

7)  Q ---  I'm having trouble using nginx as proxy in front of luwak
but not riak, anyone familiar with this? (from johnae via #riak)

     A ---  This is not something that we've tested yet. A detailed
email to the Mailing List might help us straighten it out.

8)  Q --- Is there any plan to eventually support JSON data, via the
Solr interface, in addition to XML?
(from acts_as via #riak)

     A --- At the moment you can serve results as JSON but cannot
index JSON. There is planned support for this in future releases.
Patches are, of course, welcome.

9) Q --- Without me having to mine the code - does riak use pb rpc or
something custom for transport of pb messages? (from dysinger via

    A --- It's a 32-bit length of message code + protocol buffer
message in network order.  More details here --->

10) Last minute reminder for anyone at QCon and/or in San Francisco:
Basho is co-sponsoring  a drink up with the Heroku team at a bar
called Bloodhound located at 1145 Folsom Street. It starts at 9. Email
me or message me on twitter with any questions.

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