Riak Recap for Nov. 1 - 2

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Could we get some more clarification on question 3. M/R over a bucket  
with "less" keys. I'm fairly certain that an m/r over a bucket does a  
listkeys across all keys in the cluster.

Thanks, Alexander

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On Nov 3, 2010, at 20:13, Mark Phillips <mark at basho.com> wrote:

> Evening, Morning, Afternoon to all,
> For today's Recap we have slides, some new productions users on the
> wiki, a drink up happening in SF tonight, and some great Q & A.
> Enjoy!
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> ----
> Riak Recap for Nov. 1 - 2
> 1)  Wilson Macgyver (@wmacgyver) posted his slides from a Riak talk he
> gave at the recent 1DevDay Detroit event.
> Presentation can be viewed here ---> http://bit.ly/9Xs44r
> Thanks, Wilson!
> 2)  We added two new users to the "Who is Using Riak" Page on the wiki
> - ZayMobile Technology and Division by Zero.
> http://wiki.basho.com/display/RIAK/Who+is+Using+Riak
> Anyone else out there who should be on this page? Don't hesitate to
> let me know...
> 3) Q --- Is there any sense in separating some bucket with a lot of
> keys to some smaller buckets so I can later use then in mapred
> separately, will it give any performance boost?  e.g. I have client's
> orders in one bucket, and I can put orders of each client in separate
> buckets. (from hoodoos via #riak)
>    A --- Yes. The smaller number of keys your bucket holds, the
> faster the map/reduce will be (as a rule).
> 4) Q --- Does anyone know if the bitcask storage engine performs
> better with extfs4 or xfs ? (from DangerDawson via #riak)
>    A --- This is not something we have hard and fast numbers on. If
> you happen to properly bench it before we get to it, let us know :)
> 5) Q --- Is it possible to load third party javascript libraries like
> underscore.js to be available in map/reduce functions? (from clofresh
> via #riak)
>    A --- This can be done in app.config in 'js_source_dir' under
> 'riak_kv settings'  Start here --->
> https://wiki.basho.com/display/RIAK/Configuration+Files
> 6)  Q --- The HTTP interface allows queries to run via solr. with the
> php client, it allows only lucene syntax. my question is, if I use the
> php client I need to write something to query via solr, if I want to
> use solr? (from joseph_sh #riak)
>     A --- If you want to query Riak Search as Solr, you should use a
> Solr client. We support enough of the Solr interface to make some
> clients work, but not all of them. If you find that the PHP Solr
> client is not completely compatible with Riak Search, we will happily
> accept patches.
> 7)  Q ---  I'm having trouble using nginx as proxy in front of luwak
> but not riak, anyone familiar with this? (from johnae via #riak)
>     A ---  This is not something that we've tested yet. A detailed
> email to the Mailing List might help us straighten it out.
> 8)  Q --- Is there any plan to eventually support JSON data, via the
> Solr interface, in addition to XML?
> https://wiki.basho.com/display/RIAK/Riak+Search+-+Indexing#RiakSearch-Indexing-Indexing
> (from acts_as via #riak)
>     A --- At the moment you can serve results as JSON but cannot
> index JSON. There is planned support for this in future releases.
> Patches are, of course, welcome.
> 9) Q --- Without me having to mine the code - does riak use pb rpc or
> something custom for transport of pb messages? (from dysinger via
> #riak)
>    A --- It's a 32-bit length of message code + protocol buffer
> message in network order.  More details here --->
> https://wiki.basho.com/display/RIAK/PBC+API
> 10) Last minute reminder for anyone at QCon and/or in San Francisco:
> Basho is co-sponsoring  a drink up with the Heroku team at a bar
> called Bloodhound located at 1145 Folsom Street. It starts at 9. Email
> me or message me on twitter with any questions.
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