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Try distributing your reads in a round robin against all your nodes.

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On Nov 8, 2010, at 6:36, Jan Buchholdt <jbu at> wrote:

> We are evaluating Riak for a project, but having a hard time making  
> it fast enough for our need.
> Our model is very simple and looks like this:
> ---------------------                         * ---------------------
> |       Person      | ------------------------> |   Document        |
> ---------------------                           ---------------------
> We have a set of persons and each person can have many documents.
> Our typical queries are:
> Get an overview of all the persons documents. This query returns the  
> person along with a subset of data from all the persons documents.
> Get document by id.
> Our requirements are that these quires should be performed under in  
> under 100millis when we have 10 requests per second or less load.
> The size of the data:
> A document is approximately 1 kb
> No data for a persons except the personidentifier
> Around 6 million persons.
> Each person has from from 0 to a couple of thousand documents.
> All in all we have 120 mio documents.
> Most persons don't have more than 1 to 10 documents, but then we  
> have some few "heavy" persons having 500 to 1000 documents.
> Riak setup:
> 4 Nodes.
> Hardware configuration for each node:
> HP ProLiant DL360 G7
> 18 gb ram
> SAS discs
> Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5620 @ 2.40GHz Proc 1
> Solaris 10 update 9
> We use the default bitcask storage engine
> We replicate data to 3 machines when it is written.
> Reads are read from just one machine
> We tried implementing our datamodel using Riak links as described  
> below:
> Persons are stored in a person bucket using their person identifier  
> as key /person/{personid}
> Documents are saved in another bucket /document/{documented}
> At each person we store links to the persons documents.
> We are having problems with the query fetching all the documents for  
> a person.  Reading all the documents for a person is done using a  
> link walk. The linkwalk start reading all the document keys using  
> the personid. It then fetches all documents.
> For persons with 1 - 5 documents the response times are often over  
> 100 mills. And for the "heavy" persons with many documents response  
> times are several seconds. But we are very new to Riak and are  
> probably using a wrong approach.
> Below are our thoughts (having almost no experience with Riak):
> The chosen datamodel is good for writes. Writing a new document  
> results in 3 operations against Riak. Writing the document using its  
> id as key. Reading the Person to get all the persons document links.  
> Append the new document's key to the persons links and write back  
> the person.
> Reading, using linkwalk, is slow because it is expensive to fetch  
> many documents even though the linkwalk can read their keys right  
> away by reading the links for the person. Even though we have 4  
> nodes and linkwalks are parallelized many documents need to be  
> retrieved from one node. Having to fetch for example 100 documents  
> on one node (one disc) is expensive. We do not know how data is  
> stored but are afraid Riak is doing a lot of disk seeks.
> We are considering another more denormalized approach where we write  
> all the documents for a person in one "blob". But then we are afraid  
> our writes become slow, because when adding a new document the blob  
> must be read, the new document inserted and the blob written back.
> We could really need some input. Is our assumptions wrong? (we have  
> not yet dug into the problems). Is there a good datamodel for our  
> requirements? etc?.
> We haven't looked at Riak search at all. Maybe it could solve some  
> of our problems.
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