Riak Recap for Nov 5 - 7

Mark Phillips mark at basho.com
Mon Nov 8 20:38:40 EST 2010

Evening, Morning, Afternoon to All,

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Here's the recap for the last few days.



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Riak Recap for Nov. 5 - 7

1) For all of our Perl hackers, it looks like Franck Cuny et al bumped
Net-Riak up to 0.11

Latest changes here --->

2) @uwe_ (Uwe Dauernheim) put together a simple riak_core ring visualization.

Check out his fork on GitHub for the code --->

3) Want to work for a top 50 gaming site using Django, PostgreSQL, and
Riak? Then you're in luck, because Mochi Media is hiring.

Details here --->

4) cagdas, benblack, technoweenie and jdmaturen had a brief
conversation about the ideas of "Lists and Twin Keys" in Riak.

Gist here ---> https://gist.github.com/668539

5) Sean Cribbs added Riak Community Hackers Duff OMelia (@duffomelia)
and Adam Hunter (@adamachine) as committers to Ripple, the official
Riak Ruby Client.

Announcement (via tweet) here --->

6) On a bit of an unfortunate note, we had to cancel the Riak Meetup
that was scheduled for this Wednesday in Boulder. Apologies to anyone
who was slated to attend. We will be rescheduling in the near future.

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