Riak Recap for Nov. 12 -14

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Riak Recap for Nov. 12 -14

1) Daniel Einspanjer (@deinspanjer) let it leak in #riak on Friday
that he and a few others on the Mozilla Test Pilot team had created a
web app for interacting with the Riak and the MapReduce jobs they are

This has the potential to be an amazingly-useful tool for anyone who
is looking for a more visual way to interact with Riak and MapReduce

Daniel recorded a quick screen cast demonstrating the app here --->

The code is available here --->

2) Q -- What exactly does map-reduce link walking return with :keep =>
true? An array of [bucket, key, tag] arrays?  And... what are the
arguments to mapValuesJSON?
An array of {bucket: '', key: ''} objects? (from aphyr via #riak)

   A --- map reduce link walking with keep=>true returns an array of
Bucket, Key, Tag arrays. mapValuesJSON expects a Riak Object that is a
valid json object.

3) Q --- I've got an interesting issue -- I can run riak-admin test or
status or attach no problem against a localhost cluster (one node
only)... but restore fails with "could_not_reach_node". Nothing
obvious after a few searches on Google. What's a good place to start
debugging? (from moosefish via #riak)

   A --- Hard to say. Make sure you're using restore like so:
"riak-admin restore <node> <cookie> <filename>" If the problem
persists I would say email the list with more details if you can
provide them.

4) Q --- The recommended way to bring up a node after a crash is to
use -name. If I bring it up with the same node name and IP using -name
(not something like nonode at nohost), it won't try to connect back to
the ring, yes? (from joseph_sh via #riak)

   A --- If you use the same node when you bring it back up it will reconnect.

5) cyberdelia (Timothée Peignier) fixed a small issue with the Python
client related to the timeout arg.

Details here ---> https://github.com/basho/riak-python-client/pull/2

Big thanks to Timothée for contributing the fix!

6) Scott Gonyea is giving a talk on Riak at the LA Ruby Meetup this
Thursday. This one will be focusing on Riak Search and MapReduce, and
rumor has it that it might even be interactive....

Details here ---> http://www.meetup.com/laruby/calendar/15246472/

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