Riak Reacp for Nov. 17 - 18

Mark Phillips mark at basho.com
Fri Nov 19 10:35:40 EST 2010

Morning, Afternoon, Evening to all,

For today's Recap: blog posts, new code, wiki additions and some Q & A
from #riak.

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Riak Reacp for Nov. 17 - 19

1) Sean Cribbs made some enhancements to Ripple and improved the state
of Jruby support.

Info here ---> http://twitter.com/#!/seancribbs/status/5042296189878273

2) Jebu Ittiachen (@jebui), who has written some great posts about his
use of Riak in the past, just authored a new post called
"Searching with RiakSearch." This is a solid overview of what Riak
Search is all about and how he is using it at inagist.com. Definitely
worth the read.

Post here ---> http://blog.inagist.com/searching-with-riaksearch

3) Looks like J. Brisbin has almost finished building in support for
Riak in Grails!

Info here --->  http://twitter.com/#!/j_brisbin/statuses/5626960344518657

4) benblack pointed out that the "riak glossary wiki page does not
define 'Quorum.' " (via #riak)

We've added 'Quorum' to the Glossary on the wiki --->

5) Q --- What exactly are string vclock values? If two objects have
the same vclock string, I presume they have the same antecedents?
(from aphyr via #riak)

    A --- If they have the same vclock, they are the same object
(assuming bucket/key are the same).

6) Q ---  Is there a command some place to list all buckets? (from
sh1mmer via #riak)

    A ---  Info on listing buckets via the PBC API can be found here:
https://wiki.basho.com/display/RIAK/PBC+API .

There is also a soon-to-be-merged branch of riak_kv that will make it
possible to list buckets via the HTTP API. Have a look at the latest
commit in this branch :

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