Riak Recap for Nov. 19 - 21

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Mon Nov 22 10:44:45 EST 2010

Morning, Afternoon, Evening to All,

Here's the recap from the past few days.



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Riak Recap for Nov. 19 - 21

1) Mike Richards added a good chunk of code to his "dm-riak-adapter"
repo over the weekend and bumped it up to 0.1.0 .

Repo here ---> https://github.com/mikeric/dm-riak-adapter

2) Rusty Klophaus gave a Riak Tech talk at the Pivotal Labs Offices in
San Francisco a few weeks back. The video has been published and
posted to the Pivotal site. If you have a few minutes and are looking
for a great Riak overview, go watch this.

Video here ---> http://pivotallabs.com/talks/115-introdution-to-riak

*** On a general note, if anyone is interested in doing something
similar to this for your company, email me and, location permitting,
we'll try and make something happen.

3) Sean Cribbs is looking [*] for ideas and proposals on how to
introduce more robust querying in Ripple, Basho's official Ruby
Driver. If you've got any suggestions or insights, we want to hear

* http://twitter.com/seancribbs/status/5753887684304896

4) Frank Denis (@jedisct1) posted a new repo on GitHub called
"Riak-Buffer."  At the moment it's being described as "Some kind of a
Riak buffering proxy..." There's not too much code yet but definitely
something to keep an eye on.

Repo here ---> https://github.com/jedisct1/Riak-Buffer

5) Rusty Klophaus was in Sweden this past week at the Erlang User
Conference. He posted an extensive recap of the conference on his

Post here ---> http://rustyklophaus.com/articles/20101121-ErlangUserConferenceRecap.html#15

6) We added Ask Sponsored Listing (the search engine marketing
extension of Ask.com) to the "Who is Using Riak" page on the wiki.

Details here ---> http://wiki.basho.com/display/RIAK/Who+is+Using+Riak

Thanks to David at Ask.com for sharing details!

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